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    Murkowski PP Petition

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  • signed Petition: Protect Our Children and Our Schools 2016-06-04 10:48:48 -0800
    Mark Hill

    Petition: Protect Our Children and Our Schools

    We must ensure the privacy and safety of ALL Alaska school children.

    Policies permitting, and in some cases, mandating access to restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms based on a person’s gender identity, rather than their biological sex, are being enacted across the country as part of an effort to push a political agenda. But this political agenda disregards common sense and leaves women and girls vulnerable. We must stand up and be counted.

    Click HERE to view a short video of the consequences of allowing men into private areas intended for women and girls.

    1,315 signatures



    Alaska Family Action believes in the dignity of all human beings who are made in the image of God. Everyone deserves respect and when needed, accommodations to ensure privacy and safety.

    We reject the false notion that transgendered individuals pose a threat to people's safety. At the same time, mounting evidence is showing that true predators are capitalizing on this misguided "mandate" by the Obama Administration. 

    Children rely on adults to keep them safe.

    We have a right and responsibility to protect our children, and the government has the duty to protect the safety, privacy, and dignity of all students in public schools.

    Now, the Obama administration is denying parents that right and tying the hands of school officials by threatening to withhold federal funding for public schools that do not open up girls' locker rooms, restrooms, and showers to boys.

    This lawless attack on schools and its threat to economically harm the state of Alaska is the latest attempt to coerce conformity with the Obama administration's political agenda.

    Sign this petition to encourage Governor Bill Walker and all elected officials to join the actions of other Alaska leaders against the Obama administration's extreme overreach and stand up to protect the privacy and safety of Alaska's children. This petition will also be used to encourage Attorney General Craig Richards to taking necessary legal action to protect our children.

    Enter your name and address to sign this petition and let your elected officials know that now is the time to stand up for the protection of all students in Alaska.

    Download the petition here to gather signatures at your church or community center.

    Newest_Logo_Vertical.jpgPetition: Protect Our Children and Our Schools in Alaska

    I call on all Alaska elected officials to protect our children.

    I will not put a price tag on the safety of our schoolgirls. 

    Children should never be forced to undress in the presence of the opposite sex. It violates their safety, privacy, and harms their dignity. Regardless of a presidential edict to the contrary, this is common sense.

    Parents have had enough.

    Alaskans have had enough.

    I, the undersigned, call on Governor Bill Walker, Attorney General Craig Richards and all Alaska elected officials to utilize the full authority of their offices to challenge this extreme mandate. Action must be taken to protect our children. 


    (Your Name)

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    family_watching_sunset_volunteer_page.jpgAFA volunteers are the key to successfully accomplishing our mission of strengthening and protecting Alaskan families. We use a powerful online tool called NationBuilder for empowering volunteers anywhere in the state, and are starting local Task Forces who engage in frequent efforts including:

    • Hosting local events
    • Door to door and phone calling efforts
    • Educating voters and elected officials on important issues

    If you would like to become a coordinator for your own local Alaska Family Task Force, and are willing and able to use an online supporter management tool, we can train you to use NationBuilder. Just specify that you would like to be a coordinator in the comments box when you sign up below. 

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    Thanks for taking the info for a blog and other media options.

    Mark Hill

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