2016 Anch Assembly AFA Endorsements


Recently, Alaska Family Action provided five (5) questions to candidates running for the Anchorage Assembly.  Based on those responses, we are endorsing Amy Demboski, Adam Trombley and Treg Taylor.

Currently, the Assembly is made up of nine (9) liberal leaning members and only two (2) conservatives.  A vote for Demboski, Trombley and Taylor will bring the Assembly back toward a more balanced, conservative governing body.  

The Municipality of Anchorage Election takes place this coming Tuesday, April 5th.

Click HERE for information on where you can vote. Early voting is happening right now in various locations. Click HERE for that info.

Please pass along these endorsements far and wide to everyone you know. Voter turnout is typically very, very low for local elections and every single vote has great weight. The election of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and more liberal members to the Assembly has had very real consequences to our community including increased taxes and an unnecessary sexual orientation/gender identity ordinance signed into law that poses real threats to your religious liberties.

To review our questions and responses from those we have endorsed - 

Click HERE for Amy Demboski answers

Click HERE for Adam Trombley answers

Click HERE for Treg Taylor answers

Thanks for taking the time to stay engaged and for influencing your community.

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