Alaska Family Council Policy Briefs

Alaska Family Council has released the following Policy Briefs regarding issues affecting the culture in our state. We believe strongly that public policy should protect life, liberty, marriage and parental choice and that judicial activism should not be a part of our Courts.

Please pass these along to those in your circles of influence who might be interested.

(Click the links to open a PDF)

  1. Abortion and the Alaska Constitution
  2. Alaska's Marriage Amendment
  3. Civil Rights and Sexual Orientation
  4. Government Funding of Planned Parenthood
  5. Judicial Selection Reform
  6. Parental Choice in Education
  7. Political Activity of the Judicial Council

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  • Olwynn Sunshine
    commented 2014-10-12 09:15:16 -0800
    Hi, Jim. I’d like to know what your organization does to empower and protect the rights of single women who continue an “unsupported pregnancy” (a pregnancy abandoned by the father or in which the mother abandons the relationship with the child’s father for her own safety and that of her child) with intentions to be a parent to her child and become or remain contributing member of the community. Reproductive debates often sweep people like this under the carpet by coercing adoption and blocking resources that can help these women through temporary crisis situations to lead fulfilling lives as parents. Have you any programs that can help curb abortion by expanding this very natural choice?