Assisted Suicide - Time To Put It To Rest Again

euthanasia.jpgRepresentative Harriet Drummond recently introduced a bill (HB99) that would legalize assisted suicide in Alaska.

If there is one thing that should be put to death, it's this bill. Click HERE for good information on the subject.

This issue has been brought up before and was shot down in 1996 by the Legislature and by the Alaska Supreme Court in 2001. In his unanimous opinion, Justice Alex Bryner wrote that the State "insists that the terminally ill are a class of persons who need protection from family, social, and economic pressures, and who are often particularly vulnerable to such pressures because of chronic pain, depression, and the effects of medication."

Representing the Alaska Catholic Conference at the time, attorney Bob Flint, now an Alaska Family Action Board member, noted that "Church people are no strangers to suffering," he told the Anchorage Daily News. "But there are principles that just don't allow us to kill people. It's that simple. We don't doubt the motives of the other side. We just disagree with them."

Please do your part to put this bill to rest by contacting members of the House Health and Social Services Committee. Urge them to vote NO on this bill that takes advantage of the most vulnerable among us and sets forth the false premise that suicide is medical care.  Click HERE for more talking points on why to oppose HB99.

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