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focus.jpgAs the foremost ministry in our state centered on pro-family issues, Alaska Family Action gets pulled and pushed in a lot of different directions - especially during election cycles.

With prayer, sound leadership from an outstanding Board of Directors and partnerships with like-minded citizens like you, we're doing our best to remainFOCUSED on action items that will have the most impact in terms of changing our culture here in Alaska for the better.

Here's a quick summary of five ministry projects we're launching between now and the General Election on November 4th -

Coalition for Alaska's Future - Working with national leaders in the political strategy arena, we're taking the lead on an effort called the Coalition for Alaska's Future to build a significant social media community to educate, motivate and turn out more conservative-minded citizens for the upcoming elections. We'll keep everyone updated as this exciting project nears fruition.

Social Issues Debate - Hosting a Social Issues Debate between the three U.S. Senate candidates in the Republican Primary. Date and location should be finalized soon.

Values Voter Guide
 - Developing and distributing a comprehensive candidate Values Voter Guide (website and print version) to provide pro-family Alaskans with information they need to make informed decisions.

Candidate Support – every election year, groups like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and other radical anti-family groups help candidates get to Juneau with the sole purpose of advancing their agenda and thwarting groups like us.  This year, we'll be identifying several legislative races we believe our involvement will have a substantial positive impact on.  Voters need to clearly be able to identify those candidates who will best represent and fight for their values. The State Legislature is Republican controlled but far from being a friendly place to pass significant pro-family legislation. We can do better. 

Voter Registration – Some national research shows as many as 30,000 pro-family voters in Alaska are NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE.  This is a staggering reality that provides a great opportunity.  Through church-based Citizenship Sunday campaigns, our plan is to bring more values voters to the polls.

This is a lot on our plate but it is why we exist. To bring Salt and Light into the public marketplace and political arena in a way that transforms our culture and glorifies God. What an awesome responsibility and privilege !

Edited_Monthly_Donor.jpgIn order to keep our focus on these five important projects, we're seeking to add 25 more monthly donors to our ministry budget.

Would you prayerfully consider locking arms with us in this way ?  Click here to do so now !

Every Alaskan who does so provides us with incredibly important financial stability and allows us to focus much more on transforming our culture rather than overhead.

Your partnership is what holds us together and gives us the fuel to move forward. Especially during the slower summer, monthly donors are a significant blessing in helping us to stay on task. If you already give monthly, please consider a one-time, on-line summer gift toward our five ministry projects. If you can only make a one-time gift today, please know how much we would appreciate it. 

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