Boy Scouts of America needs to hear from its members

The Boy Scouts of America will decide whether to change it’s longstanding prohibition against allowing self-avowed homosexuals as leaders in May but it's conducting a survey NOW of registered members, and wants to hear from you. 


How do I participate?  Some Scout Leaders and parents have received an email invitation to participate in a National Survey, but we understand that many have not.  If you are a Scout, registered leader, or parent of a Scout, BSA’s Great Alaska Council has made it simple.

On their website, just scroll down to "Voice of the Scout", click on the link and follow the directions provided.

As indicated on the website, parents should use your child’s ID and indicate you are a parent and input your own demographic information.

Will my voice be heard?  Absolutely!  Families who want to preserve the traditional character of Scouting, including the opportunity for faith-based groups to partner with BSA as a platform for building Christian character in their young men, NEED TO STAND UP FOR YOUR SONS NOW.  

VOICES MAKE A DIFFERENCE - On January 29th, the General Council on United Methodist Men “welcomed news that the Boy Scouts of America is considering ending its decades-long ban on gay scouts and scout leaders.”  But, after hearing directly from their members in unprecedented numbers, the United Methodist Men turned 180 degrees and now are opposing the change in policy.  Click HERE to see their letter.  Of course, many other denominations stood firmly on Scriptural values from the outset.

Non-religious groups have weighed in as well providing well-documented evidence to BSA on how role models might have an impact on young men as well as the harmful impacts of the homosexual lifestyle. Click HERE for the letter sent to BSA by Family Watch International.

Most importantly, we also ask that you pray for wisdom and courage for the executives and leaders within the Scouting movement.  This has been a time of immense stress on them and their families as the LGBTQA lobby and now certain corporate donors are applying incredible pressure to normalize homosexual behavior.  We are confident the next step will be to take “reverent” from the Scout Law as many of these same corporate donors also prohibit donations to religious organizations. 

This struggle really isn’t about having a place for homosexuals or atheists to benefit from Scouting. There are scouting alternatives to serve people who have these practices and beliefs.  This is about normalizing homosexual behavior by fundamentally changing a cultural icon.  For many of our young sons, this means Scouting - a valuable platform for growth into virtuous men of character and faith - will no longer be available.

The time to act is now.  Again, if you are a member of the Scouts, please click HERE


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