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    Hello Jim,

    Please check out the postcard campaign to the Supreme Court Justices at “godsmarriagebow.com” through Salt and Light Council. People can print out cards to mail direct to each judge voicing their support of traditional marriage or use a printer for bulk orders to pass out to churches etc. It’s a very effective way of them hearing from individuals all over our nation with a unified voice.

    They are also asking people to wear a white bow as a rallying banner of traditional marriage. Wearing them and tying them on things as a visible symbol for marriage (purity, tying the knot, the gift of marriage). This is an easy and effective way for all, young and old to make their voices heard at the Supreme Court. Hopefully they will receive a landslide of postcards and white bows will become an acknowledged and visible symbol of our unified voices in defense of Gods institution of marriage in this historic battle.
    Thank you, Connie Bell

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