CitizenLink Interview

CitizenLink_Logo.jpgWe were humbled recently to be featured on theCitizenLink website. Click here to read the interview that ran this past Friday.

From their website, "CitizenLink is a family advocacy organization that inspires men and women to live out biblical citizenship that transforms culture. As an affiliate of Focus on the Family, we provide resources that equip citizens to make their voices heard on critical social policy issues involving the sanctity of human life, the preservation of religious liberties and the well-being of the family as the building block of society.

We help citizens understand and passionately engage in policy issues relevant to families from a foundation firmly established in a biblical worldview. We also encourage them to participate in the democratic process in order to forge a better future for our children and our culture."

As we've mentioned previously, we are honored to be a part of an effective national network of pro-family ministries fighting for the values that you and I share.  We are privileged to represent your views in the public marketplace of ideas and look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the coming year and beyond.

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