Indiana Bill Shows Tolerance Goes Both Ways

I_Support_Religious_Freedom.pngINDIANA BILL - TOLERANCE 

If you've been following the hoopla surrounding the recent passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indiana, you know this effort is getting serious attention and is being grossly distorted by Hollyweird and the mainstream media.  

Click here to see Governor Pence's great explanation of the bill he just signed into law.

Indiana has joined the 19 states that already had RFRAs along with 7 more with state supreme court decisions providing the RFRA test for religious freedom. 

Because Alaska is one of a handful of states without a RFRA in place, we're following this national dialogue closely as we anticipate getting our legislature to pass a similar bill.

To get quickly up to speed on RFRAs, please take a few moments now to review this great summary or print it up and read it later. The biggest obstacle facing these kind of bills is education. As the public becomes informed, good things will happen. 

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