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School_Choice_Sign_That_Works.jpgSlow and Steady Wins the Race !We have to keep the momentum going that was created from last weekend's energetic school choice rally. Those opposed to giving kids more educational opportunities are on their heels and know that the momentum is shifting toward greater choice - just as it has in dozens of other states as the public gets engaged. 

As Walt Whitman said - "the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse." Be involved ! Change the future for your kids and grandchildren.

It's time again to let legislators know you support school choice.
tomorrow Saturday, February 22nd

Anchorage area legislators are gathering at the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library (3600 Denali St) and we need a huge crowd to show up at 8am tomorrow morning with signs and smiles and enthusiasm. The meeting runs from 9am - 2pm but if we don’t arrive early, the school choice opposition will sign up for all of the public testimony spots and commandeer all of the seating.  

School_Rally_2.jpgYour attendance is critical to the success of school choice in Alaska
i Please show up Saturday if at all possible and support school choice bills SJR9 and HJR1.
Talking points are attached below.

Some signs will be available but feel free to make and bring your own. Wear your bright yellow school choice scarf if you have one. There will be extra there.  Bring your kids and other family members. We have to show strong support for school choice in Alaska.

The rally outside will begin at 8:00am until the meeting gets underway about 9:00am. Once the meeting begins, feel free to sign up to speak. It can be as simple as, "We appreciate your support of SJR9 and HJR1 and for giving Alaskans an opportunity to vote on this important issue. Thank you." 

Or, if you feel able, you can speak to the merits of the resolutions. Talking points are listed below. Either way, please come. Again, bring your family, bring your friends, and let our legislators know that Alaskans want an opportunity to vote on this extremely important issue. 


1.  Parents have the responsibility to set a strong educational path for their children, and we ought to give more opportunities for parental choice, not less.

2.  The question of school choice is not about private schools versus public schools, but whether parents should have the freedom to choose which school best facilitates their child’s education with the child’s share of public money.  We must stand for the educational rights and liberties of all parents and students.

3.  Under Alaska’s Constitution, the Legislature is required to maintain a system of public schools open to all our children and free from sectarian control.  This will not change.  The amendment will allow the legislature to discuss educational opportunities flowing from parental choice.

got-school-choice.jpg4.  Wealthier Alaskans can always send their kids to private schools, but others cannot – this amendment  gives the Legislature the opportunity to consider how all Alaskans could benefit from parental choice.

5.  Since Alaska’s constitutional provision was put in place, the United States Supreme Court has affirmed a parent’s right to school choice under what the court calls the “private choice test.”  Alaskans should have an opportunity to decide if we want our state constitution to be aligned with the federal precedent.

6.  To keep Alaska strong, Gov. Parnell is urging the House and Senate to vigorously debate the provisions of SJR9/HJR1 and move it to the people for a vote so that all Alaskans can participate in a statewide discussion.

7.  On this question of how all of Alaska’s parents can have a greater say in their child’s education – it is time legislators let Alaskans decide.

8.  The goal of school choice is to promote better public education through competition among government-run and non-government schools. This has been the result of competition in the Lower 48 where school choice programs are operating in 23 states.

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