Shocking New Planned Parenthood Video

Body_Parts.jpgThe latest video of Planned Parenthood working in the pre-born baby parts for sale business has just been released.


It is gut wrenching to watch but another vivid and necessary reminder that we have true evil in our midst and it must be exposed and stopped.

Please join us TODAY at Noon at the Delaney Park Strip for a gathering of Alaskans who are saying clearly and firmly, Enough is Enough !

Click HERE for more details about the rally.

This is not just a rally. It is a true tipping point for an industry that has been deceiving and hurting generations of women and butchering innocent lives. It is a nationally organized and orchestrated call to action by the public to immediately investigate Planned Parenthood regarding their sale of human body parts and immediately place a moratorium on all Federal and State funding of this organization that receives more than $500 million a year in tax-payer funds.

Please join us today and stand for justice. For truth.  For human life and dignity.

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