Are You Ready ? It's Time To Protect Your Church or Ministry

AreYouReady.jpgIn ten days or less, the United States Supreme Court will come down with a decision many are calling the Roe v Wade of our time regarding marriage.

If the decision goes the way most pundits are predicting, the consequences for marriage, small businesses, colleges and nonprofits, churches and the First Amendment itself will be profound.

Alliance Defending Freedom, an essential ministry friend and ally of Alaska Family Action, has stated very clearly that the #1 most important thing for you and your church to do now is to add the definition of marriage to your church or ministry’s bylaws.

We couldn't agree more. Many non-profits, schools and churches have already done so. Most have not.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME NOW and CLICK HERE to review ADF's short piece on why this is so important and how you and your Christ-centered organization can be wise as we navigate these challenging cultural upheavals. 

The resource, Protecting Your Ministry, has a simple checklist for groups to get their theology of marriage and sexuality in writing; statement of faith, religious employment criteria, facility use policy, formal membership policy (for churches), admissions procedures (for schools), and so on. 

Protecting_Your_Ministry.jpgThere are countless resources on the web predicting and analyzing the ruling that will be presented in a few short days.  Our friends at Family Research Council (FRC) have a great piece HERE and a cover pieceHERE in the Weekly Standard is a must read for those who want to take a deeper look at what's really going on in the "movement."

However you choose to prepare for this ruling that will cause cultural tremors for decades to come, be of good cheer.  Borrowing language from our sister organization at the Minnesota Family Council -

"We speak and act together publicly as followers of Jesus Christ. We believe that in doing so, we promote not only true righteousness, justice, mercy, and love for ourselves but also for those who are lost, broken, and without hope in this world. Though the world wants us to think otherwise, our faith can never simply be a private affair but rather drives us to serve others--God first, and then our neighbors as He desires.  As we freely exercise our faith beyond the walls of our church and home, we are doing far more than just upholding the First Amendment. We are shining "as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life" (Phil 2:15).


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