sanctity-of-life.jpgIt's been rightly noted that politics is downstream from culture. Legislators we elect and legislation they pass are often just a reflection of what is being talked about, believed in and lived out in communities. I do believe that good law can and has transformed society and that is why Alaska Family Action continues to exist as a public policy ministry.  At the same time, the Body of Christ (individuals) are called to live as "servants of God", to "honor everyone" and in doing so, to be salt and light in a fallen world. 1 Peter 2:13-17

How are each of us called to live out that Truth personally as we do our part to protect innocent human life made in God's image ? 

With Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2015 quickly approaching, I'm privileged to pass along one possible opportunity for you from CPC Community Pregnancy Center of Anchorage. Here's an alert for pastors and to pass along to pastors from my friend Bill Donovan who serves a Executive Director of this profoundly important ministry.  For those of you outside of Anchorage, be sure to scroll to the bottom for other opportunities and resources around the state and nation.  

be-voice.jpgSunday, January 18, has been chosen to be Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in remembrance of the infamous court ruling on January 22, 1973, known as Roe v. Wade, legalizing most abortions nationwide.  In response to the women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies, CPC has, for the past 30 years, offered hope and life affirming encouragement to all who enter our doors. 

The American Church is not immune from suffering the devastating effects of abortion.  Research indicates that one in three women chose abortion for their unborn baby last year and 37% identified themselves as Protestants.   This means that many of these women are sitting in your church pews.  And many of these women chose abortion because of the stigma of being pregnant and unmarried in the church.   We have to give these women a safe place to choose LIFE for their baby and a safe place to heal from their abortion, if they didn’t.

At a recent pastors’ lunch hosted by CPC, many pastors shared the difficulty in speaking on this issue from the pulpit.   We recognize this, too, but know God’s love is the only love that will heal their broken hearts, allow them to find forgiveness and provide freedom from their past decision.  We shouldn’t allow anything to keep us from sharing this message of hope and forgiveness.  For the many women who experienced abortion this last year, let’s not make them suffer for the next 20 or 30 years until they find healing.  Let the body of Christ embrace them so they can surrender their secret. 

Politics and culture have high-jacked the issue of abortion and with so many Christians rightly entering the public square to protect and defend LIFE and with many pastors being silent on the issue, are we unintentionally creating a culture of secrecy and shame for the post-abortive woman? This does not reflect the way God deals with His hurt and broken people.  As the body of Christ, we have to take back the issue of abortion from the public square, bring it in the church and allow God to transform the lives of hurting women and men, through forgiveness, and restoration and, ultimately, freedom from their past decision.

I want to encourage you to consider dedicating a portion of your service on Sunday, January 18, to honor life and pray for the unborn.  Pray for the women who are considering abortion that they would choose LIFE.  Pray for organizations like Community Pregnancy Center that are making a difference in the hearts and lives of mothers, fathers and their babies.  Pray for the women who have had an abortion that they will find healing and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

I’ve included a list of resources that will help you prepare your message on the Sanctity of Human Life. Also, we’d ask that you make your congregation aware of the bible study for post abortive women CPC offers called Surrendering the Secret.  This eight week study meets privately and is completely confidential.  Please share this with your church body and encourage them to go to our website to find more information.  We have bulletin announcements and powerwpoint slides that are available, as well.

We want to help and equip you to offer a safe place for hope, healing and restoration. We are happy to provide a speaker or additional resources.  Please contact us at 337-9292 or you can email me at the email address: [email protected].  Or Sheri Schmitz at [email protected]

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Other Pregnancy Centers in Alaska - Ramah International-

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Surrendering The Secret-

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