Got School Choice?

got-school-choice.jpgAre you familiar with the school choice bill moving down in Juneau now ? Are you aware of how it can help your family and future generations of Alaskans ?

It's time to get educated about this issue and let legislators know this is a priority.

School choice gives parents the power and freedom to choose the type of education that is best for their child - regardless of income level or what zip code you live in.

Because as every parent knows, each child is different and in education, one size does not fit all. 

A great article was written recently for the Catholic Anchor that summarizes the issue better than most I've seen.  Click HERE to read it and share it with as many people as you can. 

Click HERE to go to the Alaskans for Choice in Education website and browse around. The more informed you are, the better you can articulate your position to family, friends, co-workers and eventually, to elected officials who will be deciding whether or not to give Alaskans the chance to vote on this issue.

The Alaska Policy Forum, a think tank based in Anchorage, has written extensively on this issue.  Click HERE and read about Frequently Asked Questions that arise regarding school choice.

apple.jpgFinally, click HERE to read Senator Mike Dunleavy's sponsor statement about SJR9 - the bill that will provide an opportunity for Alaskans to vote on this issue in November. With the legislative session starting today, Alaska Family Action will keep you posted in the coming weeks when we need you to contact your State Senator and Representative.

Ultimately, every Alaskan should be able to choose what education environment is best for their child. Public, private, charter, homeschool or a combination. Limiting our choices place unnecessary limits on our children and our future.

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