Time to say THANK YOU

Victory.jpgVictories are few and far between in the pro-family, pro-life policy world but when they do occur, we should give thanks !

Earlier today, the House Finance Committee voted 6 to 5 to moveSB 49 out of committee. This is the bill that simply ends public funding for elective abortions simply by defining what a "medically necessary" abortion is. The next step will be a full vote from the House on the floor.  We still have much work to do but this was acritical step and one we've been waiting on for weeks.

Attempts to add a "family planning" amendment that would have poured money into the State for contraception, primarily to Planned Parenthood, failed fortunately. The State already spends millions of dollars providing free family planning services.

Your participation in the process mattered.  Your voice made a difference. Your values were heard loud and clear.  Thank you !

And, to those legislators who faced the onslaught of negative pushback from Planned Parenthood and the ACLU and their constituents, and still stood firm in their resolve in support of SB 49, we ask that you send a short thank you ! 

They need to know that their vote is appreciated.  They need to know we're counting on their vote one more time on the House floor. Let's inundate their offices with gratefulness !


Thanks again for standing with us. You matter.

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  • Christopher Jensen
    commented 2014-03-12 14:52:23 -0800
    I am in Mia Costello’s district and will be sure to work very hard to vote her out in the next election cycle.