Hillsong_Church.jpgWhether it's a candidate afraid to fill out our Values Voter Guide survey or a pastor stumbling over his words with a New York Times reporter asking about same-sex marriage, retreat is rarely something to look at in an admirable light.

Hillsong, one of the biggest churches in the world, recently found itself defending its own retreat after it's pastor, asked about his churches position on same-sex marriage, offered a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo saying that it was “an ongoing conversation” among church leaders and they were “on the journey with it.” 

Andrew Walker, a brilliant young writer who was one of our speakers at our LGBT Q&A forums we held in the spring, provides unbelievable clarity on this issue in THIS ARTICLE in First Things.  I would encourage every Christian shoring up their moorings on this issue to read it. And, for those of you desperately hoping the Church will "evolve". on this topic, I'd encourage you to read it as well with an open mind and at least come to terms with the concept of UNCHANGEABLE

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