Urgent Call to Action

abortion-law.jpgIn less than one hour, at 1:30pm today, the House Finance Committee will more than likely hear final testimony on SB49 and its companion bill in the House, HB173. These proposed bills simply define what a "medically necessary" abortion is when the State is asked by a physician to pay for it through Medicaid.

Please click HERE now and send a brief e-mail or make a short phone call to as many of the members as you can encouraging them to vote YES today on SB49/HB173. Click on each member's name and you will be given contact information. If you are only able to contact a few members, please contact Reps. CostelloMunozWilson and Edgmon. Otherwise, send a message to every member if you can. 

Your voice matters and is truly needed as I write this. 

Act_Now.jpgYour call or e-mail RIGHT NOW will have a huge impact because much of the testimony this morning, in an earlier hearing, was from Planned Parenthood and the ACLU and their constituents calling to oppose the bill. These people, with straight faces, believe you and I should be paying for ELECTIVE abortions through public dollars. They believe, as do abortionists, that if a mother simply doesn't want to be pregnant, her abortion is "medically necessary" and should be paid for with public funds.  

The Alaska Supreme Court has made it very clear however that public dollars are NOT to be used for elective abortions.  SB49/HB173 simply describe, in neutral medical terms, the rare physical issues that might warrant an abortion to prevent serious physical harm to the mother. 

Please let the House Finance Committee know that Alaskans support SB49/HB173.  Call or e-mail them right away.  Thanks so much for linking arms with us on this important matter.  

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