Fantastic Four

Across the state, there are many good pro-life and pro-family candidates running for the Legislature. When it comes to social conservative issues, it's easy to tell which candidates share your values - and which ones do not. Check out our Alaska Family Action voter guide at There, you can see which candidates chose to respond to our survey, and where they stand on the things that matter most.

We give every candidate the opportunity to speak directly to pro-family Alaskans by publishing their responses - verbatim and unedited - to our survey questions. But occasionally, Alaska Family Action decides to give certain races a special degree of attention. We'll allocate resources for an independent campaign that is specifically intended to sway the outcome of these target races.

Why do we do this? Because the outcome of certain key races can literally determine whether pro-life and pro-family bills actually move through the Legislature, or whether they die in committees that are run by liberal legislators.

This year, the Board of Directors has voted to recommend four Senate candidates in particular: Pete Kelly (District B, Fairbanks), John Coghill (District A, Fairbanks/North Pole), Bob Bell (District J, Anchorage) and Bob Roses (District G, Anchorage).

John Coghill - Fairbanks/North Pole, Senate District A

john_coghill.jpegJohn Coghill: When it comes to helping advance conservative, pro-family values in the Legislature, Senator Coghill is a workhorse who just never quits. When he was in the State House, he sponsored a bill to require parental notification before a minor's abortion. The bill successfully passed the House - but died in the Senate at the hands of the liberal majority that controls that body.

The reapportionment process has placed Senator Coghill in the same district as Senator Joe Thomas - a member of the liberal majority in the State Senate that has killed all pro-life and pro-family legislation, such as the parental notification bill that John Coghill worked so hard to pass in the House. Let all your friends who live in this area know that John Coghill is the right choice for State Senate.

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Pete Kelly - Fairbanks, Senate District B

pete_kelly.jpegPete Kelly: You would be hard-pressed to find a more devoted warrior on the pro-life and pro-family issues than Pete Kelly. Pete previously served in both the State House and the State Senate (from 1995 to 2003).

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In 1998, Pete spearheaded the battle in the House of Representatives to win passage of a proposed constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union of one man and one woman. This amendment was necessary to overturn a liberal judge's ruling that sought to pave the way for homosexual marriage. Alaskans overwhelmingly approved it in the 1998 general election. But it was only because of Pete Kelly's heroic efforts that voters were given the chance to vote on this crucial measure.

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Bob Roses - Anchorage, Senate District G

bob_roses.jpegBob Roses: A former member of the State House (2007-2008), Bob Roses cosponsored legislation to require parental notification before a minor's abortion. He also voted for legislation to ban partial birth abortion. Roses completed his AFA candidate survey and gave solidly pro-life and pro-family answers.

Roses' opponent, incumbent Senator Bill Wielechowski, did not complete the AFA candidate survey. Wielechowski is a member of the liberal coalition in control of the Senate. Wielechowski has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood - the largest provider of abortions in the United States and in Alaska. Planned Parenthood is opposed to even the most common sense limits on abortion, such as requiring parents to be notified before their daughter has an abortion. 

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Bob Bell - Anchorage, Senate District J

bob_bell.jpegBob Bell: A former member of the Anchorage Assembly, Bob Bell has been a consistent conservative voice for many years, and on many issues. Bob completed the AFA candidate survey and gave solidly pro-life and pro-family responses on all questions. Bell is running against Senator Hollis French. 

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To nobody's surprise, Senator French did not complete the AFA candidate survey. French has been a member of the liberal coalition in the Senate. He has gone out of his way to ensure that the Senate becomes a graveyard for all pro-life and pro-family bills. On November 6, voters have a chance to help Hollis French find a new career, and replace him with a solid, pro-family conservative. Let's help elect Bob Bell to the Senate.

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