Truth or Scare

truth_image.jpegShannyn Moore recently wrote an inflammatory piece, comparing Communism and Sharia Law advocates with Alaska Family Action. We are deeply offended, and hope that anyone who does not advocate for the mass killing of millions of innocent victims (as occurred last century in Communist countries), or the televised beheading of "infidels" this century, is equally offended by her claim. The difference between such groups and Christians who wish to speak about public policy is not simply a subtle nuance, and should be detectable by Shannyn.

Alaska Family Action does indeed endeavor to promote Judeo-Christian values, which historically involves reaching out to those who are most vulnerable and in need (whether yet unborn /newborn, or struggling to raise a family.) We are thankful that we are still able to do so, including fundraising to get our message out in the public square, despite the best efforts of some to oppress and silence that perspective.

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